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Maner Builders Supply carries Owens Corning and IKO brand Roofing Products. Below is a brief list of the styles and colors that we stock from each manufacturer. Remember any style and color can easily be special ordered to fit your needs. For assistance with any of our full line of roofing products please contact us.

Maner also carries a selection of skylights from VELUX

Owens Corning Shingles

Shingle Type Item Number Color
O-C Supreme 22424 Aspen Gray
O-C Supreme 20634 Wiliamsburg Gray
O-C Supreme 21970 Desert Tan
O-C Supreme 14956 Autumn Brown
O-C Supreme 16656 Chateau Green
O-C Supreme 14957 Driftwood
O-C Supreme 14958 Onyx Black
O-C Supreme 14959 Shasta White
O-C Supreme 14960 Estate Gray
O-C Supreme 17245 Brownwood
O-C Supreme 22993 Teak

Shingle Type Item Number Color
O-C Oakridge 21971 Desert Tan
O-C Oakridge 21134 Wiliamsburg Gray
O-C Oakridge 15934 Onyx Black
O-C Oakridge 15935 Estate Gray
O-C Oakridge 18319 Brownwood
O-C Oakridge 16655 Chateau Green
O-C Oakridge 16896 Driftwood
O-C Oakridge 22994 Teak

IKO Shingles

Shingle Type Item Number Color
Marathon 24073 Dual Black
Marathon 24074 Weathered Wood

Shingle Type Item Number Color
Cambridge 24075 Dual Black
Cambridge 24076 Weathered Wood

Tanko Shingles

Shingle Type Item Number Color
Glass Seal 27529Black
Glass Seal 27530 Weathered Wood
Glass Seal 27531 Rustic Black
Glass Seal 27532 Weathered Wood
Heritage 27533 Rustic Black
Heritage 27534Weathered Wood

Roofing Products You Know From a Name You Can Trust

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