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7 Innovative Ways to Add Windows into Home Remodels

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It helps a living space feel more expansive and can also improve the mood of the occupants.Adding windows or patio doors into a home can be more than just filling a rectangular space with a piece of glass. Check out these 7 innovative ways to add windows and patio doors into your next home remodeling project:
1. Clerestory or stacking windows
Placing windows above eye level helps diffuse light entering the room and maintains privacy. When wall space is limited in the kitchen, place clerestory windows above the cabinets, shelves, or use as a backsplash for a minimal loss of storage space. In bathrooms, high windows let in the natural light, while maintaining privacy and providing wall space for shower and bathtubs.
2. Replace interior doors with French patio doors
French doors add more character than regular interior doors while still being functional. Consider using them as the entry into a master bathroom, home office, formal dining room or balcony. Tall French doors paired with high ceilings add a dramatic effect.
3. Transoms
A window used over the top of a door (or another window) adds a way to borrow light without sacrificing precious wall space. Take it one step further and create an entire wall of windows from floor to ceiling with a sky wall of glass panels. Consider painted vinyl for an added pop of color to the exterior frame.
4. Sidelights
A window or lite of glass next to a door or picture window increases the amount of natural light available in tight profile spaces.
5. Arch, radius, and gables
A half (or full) circle window over a door or window is a clever way to expand the amount of natural light entering a space, bring softness to a room, and contrast the straight corners of rectangular windows and walls for an aesthetically pleasing complementary effect .
6. Bay and bow windowsBay and bow windows add an architectural accent to an exterior wall while also creating the illusion of space. Any of the window panels can be an operating style, such as a casement or single hung, plus they can also be flanked with windows additional light. Consider SmartTouch® window locks for a sleek, low-profile design.
7. Series of French doors in a wall
Create a panoramic view by adding a series of French doors in a wall. This unique design option calls attention to the outside landscaping and allows functionality as well as light transmittance.
When selecting windows, help the homeowner determine their preference for fixed glass or operable panels, which could provide additional ventilation in the home if desired. Think outside the box and try a few of these unconventional ways to take advantage of fresh air, increased natural light, and expansive views for success on your next remodeling project.
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