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Four Steps for Filling a Nail Hole in a Wall

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Dilemma: You want to move a picture to a different wall location, but now you have to deal with the hole that is left behind. The easy solution is to hang something new in the same spot. However, if you just want a clean & clear surface, follow the steps below to fill the hole. 1) Put a nail in the hole I know this may sound counter-productive, but drive a nail into the hole that’s in the wall. Make sure that the nail is below the wall surface. To do this, use a nail set so you don’t damage the wall around the hole with your hammer. 2) Putty Apply enough wood putty to fill up the remainder of the hole overtop your counter-sunk nail. Using a putty knife, level the putty that you put in with the rest of the wall. 3) Sand it After the putty is thoroughly dry, use a smooth grit sandpaper to even it out so that the putty is flush with your wall. 4) Touch it up Hopefully, you’ll have some paint sitting around that matches your wall paint. If so, dab a little over the sanded putty. After you do that, a quick glance may not even show that a hole existed.

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