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How To Create A Dust Free Jobsite

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One of the biggest challenges contractors and DIY remodelers experience is controlling the amount of dust that comes with any project.  This can be exceptionally challenging if you or someone else also still lives or occupies that specific jobsite.  The level of dust from remodeling is particularly annoying and can really have a negative effect on someone’s lifestyle. Dust from cutting dry wall, tile, and worst of all plaster can get anywhere and everywhere if your jobsite is not properly sealed and secured.  Follow this article for tips and tricks on how to create a dust free jobsite for your next project.
The first step in creating a dust free jobsite is creating a strategy for your specific project.  Assess the room and have an idea on how you are going to cover all of your bases. Start by removing or covering your property. The best recommendation for homeowners or remodelers is removing personal items from the jobsite. Dust has a way of getting into everything so if you don’t have a place to temporarily store your items, make sure to cover your carpet, furniture, and personal items with poly plastic sheeting. After you have secured your personal items, browse your site and find all the areas where air can potentially leave and enter the room.  Take steps to block and control these openings by sealing them off including doors, windows, and air vents.  If you are working in a more open space like a kitchen or an area that involves an open stairwell, you will need to isolate the workspace.  Pick up a zipwall System that will allow you to tackle these types of projects. If you never used a zipwall feature, it’s a system that creates a dust tight seal from ceiling to floor without the use of tapes. Instead of having to tape down poly plastic sheeting, you put up a zipwall and separate your workspace from all the dust your jobsite will create. Zipwalls can be used on a variety of projects such as remodeling, mold remediation, lead paint abatement, paint preparation, and hardwood floor sanding.  The best part of the utilizing the zipwall system is how easy and simple it is to set up and it causes no damage to finished surfaces.  Make sure to place fans blowing outward in all windows and leave them on throughout the duration of the project to continue to keep the jobsite as dust free as possible.  In addition to fans and zipwall, use HEPA filtered vacuums after each day on the job to further reduce dust in the workspace. HEPA filters are great for remodeling jobs, as they do not let fine dust escape the vacuum. HEPA filters are also used in dust control systems, which help automate a lot of manual efforts and minimize dust in a given area. Although these systems can be a bit pricey, they are a solid investment for any contractor with clientele that are concerned about dust issues in their home or offices.
Don’t forget to practice safety and wear masks to protect yourself from dust in the air. There is no way to create a completely dust free environment, but if you take advantage of these tips you won’t have any issues on your upcoming project. 

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