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How to Market Your Small Contractor Company

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Without a doubt, the best marketing for a small contractor company starts with a job well done. That alone can showcase your company’s dedication to quality, professionalism and reliability. Quality work is the foundation that word-of-mouth is built upon. In many cases, that alone is enough to generate the leads your company needs to keep busy. For companies starting out, or those that just need a little marketing nudge, there are a few things that can help:
Take it online
Establishing a web presence is essential nowadays. For many, websites and social media are now the “go to” source for information. If people want to know something, it is assumed that they can find out the answer online, right away. Therefore, it makes sense that if they want to know about what contractors are available in their area, they will look online. People want to see examples of completed work, contact information, testimonials and more. A Facebook page and/or a website can be started and maintained at little or no cost, but the upside for potential business can be priceless. Twitter and LinkedIn are other potential social media outlets to explore. Bear in mind, that some time and effort will be needed on an ongoing basis to keep things updated, but generally, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.
Join forces
Consider affiliating with local companies. These can be anything from local hardware stores, coffee shops and restaurants, or any other local business that you can use to reach potential customers and leads. For restaurants or coffee shops, it could be as simple as advertising or referring each other to customers. For local hardware or lumber suppliers there are other creative avenues you could take. For example, a representative for your contractor company can host weekly or monthly DIY seminars at the hardware/lumber company. As a result, you are bringing customers into their store while building a relationship with potential clients. When they think of a contractor to call, you have already provided a face to your company’s name.
Promotional giveaways
Giving away promotional products has always been an effective marketing technique. For a contracting business, however, it might make sense to give away products that are useful and will be around longer than, say a calendar. Small, everyday tools like a utility knife or tape measure with your company’s logo on it will most likely be used again and again by potential customers. Even years later, while taking measurements and planning a project, your company’s logo will be right there in customers hands—and hopefully in their minds. Promotional kitchen magnets are also a useful marketing tool. They can be kept on the side of your truck or van, and easily handed to potential clients. That way, when they need to call, your number is right there on the fridge, probably holding up their weekly grocery list.
It’s important to revisit and evaluate all the different aspects of your marketing efforts. If you find that a certain strategy doesn’t necessarily bring in more business, then it might make more sense to control costs and eliminate it. Lastly, remember to register your company with the local Chamber of Commerce. Keep in mind that if you work in an area that encompasses several towns, then make sure that your name is on those town’s  Chambers as well. 

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