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Winter Home Improvement Tips to Help Save you Money and Energy

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Just because every year there’s always talks about Global Warming, the warmest winter in years, and the sweaty hot summer we just had doesn’t mean winter is going to be some cake walk where no one slips, steps in the black slush, and wakes up in the middle of night to crank up the heat. When I look outside I see scarves, peat coats, and gloves, which means winter is no longer coming, it’s already here. Therefore, it’s time to get your home in order and to follow some quick and easy tips to help save you money and energy this winter. Follow this article for some great recommendations on how you can make a real difference in keeping your bills small and your body warm all winter long.
Kick off the home improvement process by testing the air tightness of your home.  Hold a lit incense stick next to your doors, windows, electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, attic hatches, fireplaces, and other locations where possible outside air may enter. If you find that the smoke from the incense begins to travel horizontally when placed near any of these spots, then you have identified an air leak that needs to fixed.  If you are unsure and would like to have a professional take a look at your home, get an energy audit.  These do cost money, but they are a solid investment in making sure you are aware of what needs to be done to stay warm and save money this winter. They’re also good for making the tough decision of replacing the windows in your home.  Any air seeping through these gaps means warmth lost and higher bills.  Start with closing these gaps using an affordable and durable caulking solution to stop the air from leaking. Another good tip is to weather-strip all doors and windows.  There are multiple options for weather-stripping doors and windows. Pick one that best suits your needs and can seal the leak around the door or window without effecting how the door or winder operates, but is still sealed tight enough so that there is no longer an air leak. Take sometime to analyze the insulation in your home.  If you see signs of dirt spots within your insulation, then that’s an indication there is an air leak.  Seal these holes with new insulation or staple sheets of plastics over the holes and caulk the edge of the plastic. You should also do this around the outside of your home if there are gaps around the faucets and other areas of your house.  Other tips to help you save money and energy include using rugs on tile and wood floors, insulating your garage, reverse your ceiling fans, and even updating your thermostat to a smart or programmable thermostat.
Staying warm is easy, but staying warm and saving money is a real challenge. Follow these tips and maybe even come up with some of your own along the way to conquer this year’s winter. Your thermostat may go up, but your bills won’t!

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